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All my sites are through 1&1. They have the best deals that I have been able to find. Their upload/download speed has always been faster than my connection, and I have been impressed with their service. I have their business and home package, and have have over 245 gigs of "stuff" that I have uploaded and can now be accessed from anywhere in the world. If anyone wants help setting up a site or just somewhere to store/share large amounts of "data", Email me and I would be glad to help.



Some have asked for a downloadable version of the whole website. You can download the site as a 2.1 gig .7z file, or a 3.6 gig .zip file. You can run one of the "eielson" files with Internet Explorer, and you will have the menus as if it was online.


Please Email me with any questions or feedback.


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I had some more requests that I added to "Batch 5". Thank you for the suggestions that you have given me, and as always, keep them coming. If you give me the link for a game is will make it much easier to add. Keep in mind that I want to keep the site safe for work. I have had to turn down some suggestions due to the games not being safe enough. I have done paperwork to get the site unblocked at some bases and don't want to give them any ammo to block it again. If you need help unblocking the site, let me know. If you just send the sites home page (, it is a page I built to help people carpool to base. Once you get the main site unblocked all other pages (like this one) are usually unblocked as well.


Also if your are looking for a specific game, don't forget about the "ctrl-F" search box. If you type "ctrl-F a box will pop up and you can search for keywords like "mario", or"race", and stuff. This will also come in real handy when looking at large websites or databases like TBA and online TOs.


Take care and stay safe,

the Administrator


Sorry it's been so long, but here are some more. Thanks for all the suggestions. I tried to get them on the site, but some are locked to certain domains.

Achievement Unlocked Elephant Quest Palisade Guardian The Gun Game 2
Anamorphous Plus Embeddable Palisade Guardian 2 This is the Only Level Too
Army of Ages Epic Coaster Penquin Skate 2 Totem Destroyer

Bubble Tanks Tower Defense

Epic Combo Penguins Attack Tower Defense Upgrade Completer
Castaway 2 Exit Path Pillage the Village VendingMachine Champian
Chaos Faction 2 Flight Pirates and Treasure Viricide
Crunchball 3000 Fragger Shell Shock Live Wake the Royalty
Defend Your Nuts Gemcraft Labrynth Shift Warfare 1917
Demolition City 2 Hobo Sierra Warfare 1944
Dodge I Love Traffic Starlight 2 Weapon
Dolphin Olympics Insectonator Zombie Storm the House 3  
Downhill Snowboard 2 Knightfall Super Karoshi  
Downhill Snowboard 3 Learn To Fly 2 Super Mafia Land  
Echoes Operation Neon Rider Sushi Cat the Honemoon  



Had a few days off and found some fresh ones.

Batch 6


Age of War 2 Darkbase 3 Moto Rush Sniper Assasssin
Arch Rivals Dragon Slayers 2 Raze Stick_Arena_Demo
Barnville Massacre Geek Girl Escape Red Jet Rabbit That Gravity Game

Balloons Tower Defence 4

Hoverbot Arena 2 Red Shift Towing Mania
Burger Tycoon Kingdom Keepers Rocky Rider Toxie Radd 2
Chess Kings Island 2 Saucer Strike Trolls Rage
Creeping Mastermind Escape Season of War Unfairy Tails
Cursed Treasure Methus Tower Defence Shadez 2 Worlds Hardest Game 2
    Sneaky Sniper  


Batch 5


1 More Balloon Deanimator Log Runner Roulette
501 Darts Deconstructionism Mario World RubberBanditsm
Artillery Draw Play Matrix Pandemonium Sift Heads Sniper Game
Balloons Ed, Ed, And Eddy Matrix Rampage Sniper Assassin 2
Base Jumping Elroy Learns To Fly Mini Golf Squirter
Bloodshed Fancy Pants Adventures Monkey Kickoff Summer Games 04
Bullet Timer Reaction Filler N Tangerine Panic
NG Secure Fire At Will Navy War Throw Paper
Concentration Golden Arrow NEX Game Tokntie
Counter Strike Training Area Grave Robber Pacxon Game Urban Sniper
Craps Gunman Pick Of Destiny World Drifting Championships
Crimson Room Gunny Bunny Ragdoll Avalanche Zelda Flash Game
Crows Game Gunny Bunny 2 RoboKill Trainer Zeitenwende
D-Fence The Game      


Batch 4

Armed With Wings Flight Hamsters Obechi Stormwinds- The Lost Company
Bubble Trouble Mouse Trap Robot kill- Trainer This Is The Only Level
Chaos Faction Max Dirt Bike 2 Shark Bait Warfare 1844
Crush The Castle Players Pack Mercenaries 2- World Nearly In Flames Sin Mark Wone
CycloManiacs Motocross FMX Sonny 2 Wone 2
Dark Cut 2 Moto Rush 2 Stick War  
Dark Cut 3      
Divine Intervention      


Batch 3

4 Wheel Madness Cooperation Chapter 3 Gamma Bros Rage 3
Alaskan Adversary Cooperation Chapter 4   Rail Of War
Alien Hominid Crush the Castle Generic Defence Game Red Baron Final
Amorphous Dad N Me Get Off My Lawn Rockface Rescue
Arsenal 2 Darkbase Hedgehog Launch 2 Roller Coaster Creator
B29 Assault Darkbase 2 Hitstick 2 Romanius
Barbarian Onslaught Darkbase Incubation Hitstick 3 Shift 4
Besieged Dead Frontier Night One

Hitstick 4

Sift Heads 5
Bike Mania 2 Dead Frontier Night Three Kill Kar Sniper Assassin 3
Bike Mania 3 On Ice Deconstructor Medieval Rampage Sonic the Hedgehog
Bike Mania 4 Micro Office Destroy All Zombies 3 Mercenaries 2 Space Bounty
Bike Maina 5 Doom Flash Metal Slug 2 War Enemy Stabika 2
Balloons Tower Defence 3 Drag Racer 3 Modifighters Blast Attack Starcraft FA 5
Blueshift DTZ World Cup Keepy Ups Ninja Stickman Madness 2
Bounty Killers Dune Buggy Pandemic 2 Strangers 3
Box 10 Top Truck Electric Man 3 Parking Lot 3 Stunt Bike Draw
Box Head Zombie Wars Updated Endless Zombie Rampage Pixel Supermarco 5
Chaos War 3 Prolog Epic War 3 Portal Defender Swords and Sandals Crusader
Clearvision 2 Frantic Potty Racers Thing Thing Arena 3
Combat Heaven Galactic Gravity Golf Raft Wars Toxieradd
Cooperation Part 2     Uphill Rush 2
      Vinnies Shooting Yard 4
      Xiaoxiao 4

Batch 2

3D Space Hawk Exofusion 2 Modern Tactics 2

Tactical Assassin 2

3D Tanks Fire in the Hole 2 Mushroom Revolution Tactical Assassin Substratum
Advanced Curve Ball Fishy Nibbles Territory War online
Alien Furry 3- Carnage Fishy 2 No More Reinforcements Tetris
Battalion Nemesis Flash Empires 3 Ownage Burst The Tower
Balloons- Pop Three


Panda Tactical Sniper 2 The Last Stand 2
Boxhead- Zombie Wars Guy 3 Parashoot The Sniper
Bubble Tanks 2 Hanna in a Chopper Putt Base ThingThing 4
Castle Cannon Hostile Skies Ravine Trip Space
Crash Down Hungry Blocks Shadez Turret Defence 2
Desert Rifle Line Flyer 2 Shodge Wack your Boss
Divergence Turret Defence Madness Combat Defence Shopping Cart Hero War Machines
Dogfight Mars Patrol Starcraft Flash Action Warrior Quest
DogFight 2 Mechanical Commando Stinky Bean 2 Znax
Driving Craze Mega Fortress Strategy Defence 5  
Eternal Red      

Batch 1

Achilles Desktop Tower Defence 1.5 Light People on Fire Space Escape
Adrenaline Challenge D-Fence 2 Lt. Fly Vs. Spiders Sonic the Hedgehog
Age of War Die in Style Mardek 2 Sonny
Alias Diesel and Death Marios Adventure

Spin The Black Circle

Alias 3 Dirt Bike Mario Remix Stabika
Armada Assault Docking Perfection 2 Mario World 2 Staggy 2
Armed Invasion Dragon Fist Age of the Warrior Marksmen Stair Fall
Army Copter Dragon Force Maus Force Stalingrad
Army of Destruction Survival Drakojan Skies Mission 1 Micro Tanks Star Defender 4
Arnys Battle Drakojan Skies Mission 2 Mine Link Stealth Hunter
Arnys Battle 2 Drakojan Skies Mission 3 Monster Hunt Strangers
Assault Part 5 Drakojan Skies Acolytes Momentum Missile Mayhem Stickman 2 Madness
Astro Trigger Drakojan Skies Acolytes Full More Mindless Violence Stickman Sam 4
Asteroids Revenge Dry Fire Motherload Stick Trampoline
Atomic Racer Dynasty Street Motorbike Madness Stick Trinity
Autumn War Elite Forces Jungle Strike Motocross FMX Stick Trinity 2
Balloons Tower Defence 2 Ether Cannon Mutually Assured Destruction Storm the House 2
Base Defence 2 Fancypants 2 Naval Gun Storm Winds
Battlefield Fear Unlimited Newgrounds Rumble Strategy Defence
Battle garden Feudalism New Metal Slug Strategy Defence 2
Battle Over Berlin Field Command 2 Ninja Quest Strategy Defence 3
Bells Final Defence Last Stand Ninja Rinse-out Strategy Defence 4
Beetle Wars Final Fortress Omega Warrior Stunt Bike 2004
Bike Mania Fire In The Hole One Man Doomsday Stunt Dirt Bike
Bloxorz Five Miles to Go Onslaught Sub Commander
Blastem Flash Empires Paladin Super Fight-fight
Bot Arena 3 Foofa Race 2 Park my Car Super Mario Flash
Bowmaster Prelude Fortress Game Police Sniper Super Smash Bros
Boxhead 2play rooms Four Wheel Madness Portal Swords and Sandals II
Boxhead More Rooms Free Kick Challenge Power Rangers Tanks
Bow Adventure Frag Assault Prince of War Tank 2008
Breakpoint Free Kick Challenge Proximity Territory War
Bubble Tanks Free Rider 2 Quadrobarrel Defence The Last Stand
Bunker Fugitive Takedown Qwerty Warriors Thing Thing 2
Cannon Chaos Golden Arrow Rag Dolls Invaders Thing Thing 3
Capoeria Fighter Gravity Rag Dolls Laser Dodge Three-D Worm
Castle Wars Gunmaster Onslaught 2 Rage 2 Three Foot Ninja
Cemetery 2 Gunmaster Urban Assault Red Three Foot Ninja 2
Chose your Weapon Gun Run Reverb 2 Thump
City Racers 2 Guy 3 Robo Slug Tower Game
City Smasher Halo Game Rocket Weasel Toy Town Tower Defence
Clash N Slash Head Shot Ron/batch-1in Warrior Tunnel Rush
Clear Vision 2 Heli Attack 3 Rush Race Turret Defence
Close Quarters Combat Heli Invasion Shape Invasion Turret Defence 2
Colour Wars Heli Strike Samurai Defence Unreal Flash
Commando Strike Hikkoshi Sentinels of Mijil Uphill Rush
Commando 3 Ho Ping Tung Racer Shock Defence Void Gunner
Crazy Flasher 3 Hot LZ Sift Heads 2 VR Defender
Crazy Flasher 4 Hover Tanks 2 Sinjid Weapon Fire
Crazy Knight Indestructo Tank 2 Skies of War Wings of Glory
Creepy Adventure Indestructo Copter Sky Fighters X Bound
Crimson Warfare Indiana Jones Skirmish Xeno Tactic
Crisis Island Colonizer Sky Fighter Xeno Tactic TD Game
Danger Wheels Jeep Flyer Sky Warrior X-Hoc
Dead Frontier Night 2 Kaichou Small Arms War Xxiao
Defend Your Inglor Kitten Cannon Smileys War Zombie Horde 2
Defend Your Castle Legend of Mass Destruction Weapons Smokin Barrels Zombie Rampage
Desktop Tower Defence Lone Rider Sniper WWII Zombie Survival



Please e-mail me with any questions, comments, or recommendations.

Thank you.